Alliance Agency Account Calculation Method
Commission system
Commission Structure
  1. Commission percentage is based on agent level.
  2. Agents are divided into different levels, and each level has its own commission rate.
  3. Commission rates range from 12-50%, depending on the agent level.
Other Information
  1. Negative income/number will be carried over to the next month.
  2. The affiliate partner will bear the promotional bonus/rebate cost incurred during the membership acquisition process based on the commission rate of the agent level, and these costs will be deducted from the revenue at the end of the month.
  3. Lottery profits and losses are not calculated from commissions.
Subagent Commission
  1. Expand your income sources at MD88 by recruiting agents.
  2. MD88 encourages agents to develop into headphone agents and recruit new agents.
  3. Introducers will receive a 10% commission on the net profits generated by the agents they refer.
Commission illustration
Affiliate Tier Profit / month Active members Commission rate (%)
Primary agent > 1 2 12%
Intermediate agent 1 - 60000 5 28%
Advanced agent > 60000 5 40%
Premium agent Invitation only - 41 - 50%
Commission calculation method
Total Win or Loss
The total win or loss refers to all the betting results of the player you introduced (win/loss)
Total Lottery Wins and Losses
The total lottery wins and losses refer to all the betting results of the players you introduced (win/loss)
Total Offer
The total offer refers to the total amount of discounts received by the players you introduced on the platform
Platform Fee
The platform fee is to pay the administrative expenses of game manufacturers and some platforms. Players only need to bear 10% of their own commissions.
Pay System Fee
Since the payment system prepared by the platform has certain fees, agents only need to bear 1% of the total deposits of their players.
Net Revenue

Total wins and losses - Total lottery wins and losses - Total discounts x commission ratio
Platform Fee

((total wins and losses - total lottery wins and losses) x commission ratio) x 10%
Pay System Fee

1% of the player's total deposit
Lottery Commission

Since the agent does not need to bear the winning or losing of the lottery the company will distribute the commission according to the lottery betting volume of the players under the agent.
Examples of Agency Accounting Methods
Example: Senior agent commission ratio 40%
Total Win or Loss > 100,000
Total Offer 8,000
Total Lottery Wins and Losses 800
Player Total Deposit 70,000
Lottery Statistics 800
Net Revenue

100,000-800-8,000 x 40% = 36,400
Platform Fee

((100,000 -800) x 40%) x 10% = 3,968
Pay System Fee

70,000 x 1% = 700
Lottery Commission

800 x 10% = 80
Income for this month